01 Affiliate Program

gold-bonanza.com LTD begets a structured affiliate program, to provide clients with an additional possibility to earn and profit from our firm. In your account referrals section you will find your affiliate link & banners, just share it with others, social media is a numerous way to share large investment projects. After other people use your affiliate link to register, they automatically become your referral, which means all deposits they do you will earn a commission that is specified in our affiliate section. It is not essential to have an active investment to earn referral awards!

As of now, gold-bonanza.com is served in several nations. A table of our representative provinces, as well as their contact data, can be noticed later. You can apply to each of these representatives, and they will be jovial to present you with the report about our firm in your regional language, as well as share their knowledge of cooperation with you. You can also share in a representative program and receive a lot of inquiries from latent investors from your nation, and make money on a deposit of each up to 10% reward. To apply to participate in the representative program, go to the support page and leave us a message with noticeable details. If you have any questions regarding the regional program, you can write to [email protected]